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In today's ever-changing world, seeking, attaining and retaining relevant information is critical to the success of any government agency, but this especially rings true for those who work and study within DINFOS. DINFOS Live brings the viewer highly informative information from the minds and mouths of DoD communication professionals.

Topics range from the complexities of visual storytelling to communicating effectively during a crisis. Whether you are a service member or civilian, DINFOS Live has lessons to be learned by all.

The Defense Information School (DINFOS) hosts around 2,600 service members in the depths of their hallways, while others log in virtually from all over the world to train as world-class communication professionals for service in the Department of Defense. To support the school's mission and vision, they established DINFOS Live and took to social media to share the unique activities explored at the schoolhouse.

DINFOS Live is basically BEYOND the classroom.Chad McMeen, DINFOS Live Host

Monthly, DINFOS Live takes the listener and watcher on a journey through the work lives of some of these students, graduates and instructors and how their everyday work relates to their visual information and public affairs careers and the challenges they face.


Interactive: Watch as the hosts and guests interact with viewers through question-and-answer sessions.

Necessary: The material covered in the videos is relevant to any viewer looking to learn more about topics like media literacy and communication planning.

Focused: The content focuses on federal government civilians and service members in public affairs and visual information fields and the tasks and challenges they come across.

Original: The content is authentic. Straight from DINFOS to your ears and eyes.

Real: The content you will see and hear is tangible, direct from the individuals who do their job.

Memorable: The content you see and hear will stick with the viewer/listener and serve as solid reference material.

Strategic: The material is clever and tactical and brings the focus back to DINFOS strategic goals and alignment. Items such as the commander's intent and DINFOS strategy are among the discussion topics.

Check out the videos in this collection to hear first-hand tips and experiences on topics that range from the complexities of visual storytelling to communicating effectively during a crisis. Watch their next live stream on Facebook or visit their DINFOS Live channel.

A podcast version of this DINFOS Live episode is available on your favorite podcasting app or at DVIDS.

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