Frequently Asked Questions

  • PAVILION stands for Public Affairs and Visual Information Learning in an Online Network.

  • PAVILION resources encompass a full range of subjects and tasks to support and prepare DoD communicators in their public affairs and visual information duties.

    Users may Browse by Subject to view all currently available subjects, which will continue to evolve and expand. As PAVILION content grows, so will the types of resources available. Learn more on the Introducing the Types of Resources page.

  • Resources are curated, developed and pulled from training courses, fleet and field and industry, as well as crowd-sourced from the DoD community of users.

    If you have a specific resource or idea that would benefit DoD communicators, please reach out so we may consider it for inclusion on PAVILION.

    Share a Resource

  • The PAVILION team has eight (8) planned releases of new content each year and relies on user feedback to prioritize subjects for new development. If you have an idea you’d like to share, please recommend a resource.

  • The PAVILION team coordinates annually with subject matter experts for a review of content to ensure accuracy and relevance. We prioritize DoD updates to doctrine, policies and guidance. We also target content reviews based on several factors:

    • changes in technology,
    • changes in terminology
    • and the date of the previous content review.

    We accept user recommendations for reviews. Simply visit our contact page and provide feedback.

  • The PAVILION library is constantly being updated, but you can help make it more robust by alerting us to missing or needed materials. If we don’t already have a resource identified for development, we can work with you to create the content you need.

    Submit your recommendation for a resource

  • If you see a mistake or problem with a resource, please visit our contact page and submit your feedback. Include the name of the resource and the issue you encountered.

  • While PAVILION resources are intended to provide 24/7 support, there is not an on-call support staff. A PAVILION team member should respond within 24 business hours to submitted questions.

    Give feedback or ask a question

  • PAVILION does not currently provide certification training. If you are interested in a more intensive, evaluated learning experience, please visit the DINFOS Course Catalog.