DINFOS Live: PA & VI Office Management Techniques

Article 38 min
In this DINFOS Live episode, Maj. David Murphy speaks with DINFOS instructors Andrew Smith and Patrick Grieco from the Visual Information Management Course. They discuss public affairs and visual information office management techniques and how to use resources like standard operating procedures efficiently.

Take an extensive dive into what DINFOS VIM course instructors teach students and how they use the course as a bridge to connect content creators and public affairs strategists to work more efficiently.

Additionally, learn about the function and importance of standard operating procedures and how they create a foundation for efficient operations.

Instructors Smith and Grieco share the most important components of SOPs and the steps to take when planning and authoring your own, including steps such as:

  1. Defining the objective.
  2. Researching optimal processes.
  3. Formatting using clear, concise language.

They also discuss applying SOPs to other aspects of office management and the importance of designing training plans to increase personnel proficiency.

A podcast version of this DINFOS Live episode is available on your favorite podcasting app or DVIDS.

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