DINFOS Live: Infographics

Article 38 min
In this DINFOS Live episode, DINFOS graphics instructor Army Staff Sgt. Chris Nally excitedly delves into what infographics are and how using them properly can significantly boost the success of communication plans while also adding a little flare.

Watch as Army Staff Sgt. Nally uses different visual examples and slides to drive home the truth behind using infographics to upgrade communication plans to the next level! He gets to the grassroots of what infographics are, when and why to use them, and the three-stage process of pre-planning, planning and designing.

Staff Sgt. Nally earned a business degree but found his passion as a graphic designer for the Army. He currently teaches the Mass Communication Foundation (MCF) graphic design follow-on course at DINFOS.

A podcast version of this DINFOS Live episode is available on your favorite podcasting app or on DVIDS.

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