How to Mask a Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Watch how to mask and track a specific part of a video using Adobe Premiere Pro software from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Watch this screencast tutorial demonstrates how to create, track and send a mask to Adobe After Effects in a video using Premiere Pro. You can use masking and tracking in a defined area in a clip to blur a person’s face to protect their identity. Remember, any masking effects must be made in accordance with current imagery ethics policy and the DoDI 5040.02. Follow along with the steps below.

  1. Open a sequence that contains the clip with the object you want to mask.
  2. Find an effect for the mask, such as the mosaic.
  3. To apply the effect to the clip, go to the Effect Control Panel, so that the effect controls are displayed, make sure clip is still selected.
  4. Click “Create Ellipse Mask.”

The effect is constrained within the mask you created.

  1. Position the playhead at the beginning of the clip and position the mask in the program monitor so that it covers the subject’s face.
  2. Adjust the mosaic effect settings to get a more pleasing result.
  3. Click “Track Selected Mask Forward” to track the contents of the shot.

The mask will follow the action as the clip is played.

Right-click the clip and choose to send it to After Effects. The mask will be available in After Effects for more detailed adjustments.

Adobe product screen shots reprinted with permission from Adobe Inc.

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