DINFOS Live: Writing for Your Boss

Article 27 min
In this DINFOS Live episode, Director of Public Affairs, U.S. 10th Fleet Commander Candice Tresch and DINFOS instructor Stephanie Hatcher take a deep dive into some tools and techniques to effectively ghostwrite for others.

Writing for someone else is difficult! When writing something you will present yourself, you can write that material in your natural tone and voice, but when writing for someone else—especially your boss—you need to drop your natural tone and match theirs.

Whether ghostwriting a speech, talking points or a social media post, this episode will give you the tools and techniques to model your tone and voice to mimic who you are writing for and get their intent across to their targeted audience.

A podcast version of this DINFOS Live episode is available on your favorite podcasting app or on DVIDS.

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