DINFOS Live: Podcasting and the MCF Writing Course

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In this episode of DINFOS Live, Petty Officer 1st Class Scott Swofford and Ms. Stephanie Hatcher of the Defense Information School and Petty Officer 2nd Class Levingston Lewis of Defense Media Activity are on deck to discuss the benefits of the Mass Communication Foundations writing course and how storytelling skills can make you a better podcaster.

When it comes to advancing your commander's intent, podcasting can be a powerful tactic. Establishing foundational writing techniques can help you become a better storyteller, which will ultimately benefit you and your podcast (if you choose to start one).

Talk to Your Command About Taking the MCF Writing Course

Some of the things you will learn in the MCF writing course at DINFOS are:

  • Elements of good storytelling
  • Storytelling techniques in every medium
  • Advanced interview techniques
  • Scene construction
  • Constructing a narrative

Plus, you'll receive personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions throughout the course.

Get Quick Tips From the Professionals

DINFOS instructor Ms. Hatcher and Petty Officer 2nd Class Lewis of DMA join to answer questions from our host and the online audience about:

  • Using podcasting as a tactic to meet the commander's objective
  • Why podcasting is such a strong storytelling medium
  • Promoting and cross-promoting your podcast (without money)
  • What the podcasting forecast may look like five years from now
  • Special considerations regarding ethics and maintaining DoD style
  • Where to get podcasting technical guides and recommended reading
  • Common mistakes and pitfalls
  • Examples of successful military podcasts
  • Tips for audience engagement, measuring your reach, your target audience and the size of that audience as a measurement of success
  • Podcasts to listen to for best practices and tips on humanizing your podcast
  • Recommendations for gaining visibility and listeners

You can listen to Petty Officer 2nd Class Lewis' award-winning podcast "Ears Adrift," and this episode of DINFOS Live on your favorite podcasting platform as well as on DVIDS.

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