DINFOS Live: The I in RPIE: Implementation

Article 32 min
In this DINFOS Live episode, DINFOS Public Affairs and Communication Strategy Qualification Course instructors Army Major Judy Marlowe and Marine Corps Captain David Morris discuss implementing communication plans and putting research and planning into action.

Now comes the fun part! You have completed your research and planning and are now ready to move onto the implementation stage of the research, planning, implementation and evaluation process. This episode examines the steps to take when creating your implementation plan and how to recognize and avoid pitfalls. You will learn when to use techniques such as Gantt Charts and environmental scanning and how to measure the success of your implementation plan.

In addition, Mr. Kuande Hall, DINFOS Social Media Training Office Program Manager, makes a brief appearance to promote the 2022 DINFOS Social Media Forum.

A podcast version of this DINFOS Live episode is available on your favorite podcasting app or on DVIDS.

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