Proposed Public Affairs Guidance (PPAG)

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PAVILION PPAG Template 202302.docx
Use this template to ensure the PPAG document includes all required information and is formatted appropriately.

Public Affairs Guidance (PAG) is the constraints and restraints established by the proper authority regarding public communication activities. They are created for military training exercises, multinational activities, contingencies and events that attract U.S. national and international media. They are never given to reporters and should be marked protected.

The Proposed Public Affairs Guidance (PPAG) should include recommended PA policy references, background and coordination, PA posture, holding statement, public statement, themes and messages, questions and answers, PA planning instructions, media operations and point of contacts.

Along with all required information, the PPAG document should be formatted with 1-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font. For each numbered paragraph that isn't needed, insert "N/A."

The PPAG document must align with DoDI No. 5405.03 Development, Submission, and Approval of Proposed Public Affairs Guidance (PPAG).


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