Media Kit Essentials

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Use this collection of resources to assist you in creating your next media kit.

As a DoD public affairs specialist, you will write and distribute media kits that provide accurate and timely information to internal and external stakeholders, such as the media.

When developing a media kit, the templates provided can be tailored to write the fact sheet, internal media kit and news release for a specific event. In addition to these resources, consider whether pitch letters, leadership bios and itineraries might also be needed. Check with your unit to determine what is required and whether existing resources are available for your use. For example, standardized leadership bios may be available to include in your media kit.

Use the resources below to create and distribute a media kit for different types of media events, such as change of command ceremonies, press conferences, award ceremonies, community relations events, etc. Determine the right method of delivery using digital, print and social media if it fits your social media strategy.

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