General Fact Sheet

Template 1 min
Microsoft Word Document
Provide your organization's accomplishments and valuable historical context. This fact sheet can be included with a media kit, distributed as a stand alone document or posted online for public consumption.

Check with your unit to ensure there are no local templates that should be used instead.

Complete a fact sheet with relevant unclassified information about your organization. Use this template to make sure all of the information is collected and written:

  • About the Command
  • Command Mission
  • Area of Responsibility
  • Specific Event Information

Note: depending on your organization's mission and size, the fact sheet may not require each of these parts.

Distributing Your Fact Sheet

Convert into a PDF and distribute your completed fact sheet via email or direct the media to a link on your organization's website that hosts a digital copy of your media kit. If applicable, print out the fact sheet with the media kit to provide to the press when they arrive on site. Make sure all information is reviewed and approved by leadership before any information is released.


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