Media Kit Quality Assurance Checklist

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Perform a quality assurance check to reduce reporting errors and provide releasable, substantiated information to the media prior to a media engagement.

When preparing for a media event, the creation and distribution of media kits can make your job easier and ensure the success of the media event. Below is a checklist you can use to complete a quality assurance check to help plan for a variety of media engagements and ensure the pieces of the media kit or mobile media kit get to where they need to go.

Check with your unit to verify which components to include in your media kits and the appropriate distribution channels (social media, digital press kit, hardcopy, etc).

  1. Initial planning for a media event
    1. Identify the channels to use to promote and cover the event (social media, digital media kit, hard copy kit, etc.)
    2. Draft media kit geared towards the purpose of the event
    3. Make sure you have the pieces of the media kit or mobile media kit required by your unit (pitch letter, fact sheet(s), unit leadership biographies, itinerary, etc.)
  2. Complete internal review process to get media kit approved
    1. Gather feedback on media kit from appropriate channels, including any applicable staff sections
    2. Get final approval of media kit from leadership and persons with release authority
  3. Send the approved media advisory letter to your approved media distribution list
    1. Use social media to promote the event if applicable and if prescribed by social media strategy
  4. Complete the internal portion of the media kit
    1. Create a read ahead kit for internal use only; include: background, themes, messages, talking points, Q & A, fact sheet, etc.
    2. Distribute to internal stakeholders only by email or intranet sites
  5. Complete final event preparation
    1. Email a PDF copy or a link to the kit on the organization's page to the media that have submitted an RSVP prior to the event
    2. Print copies to distribute at the event
    3. If applicable, ensure arrangements have been made to capture elements (quotes, pictures, video, etc.) desired for social media posts and news release
  6. Cover media event as prescribed by social media strategy
  7. Complete post-event process
    1. Write a news release
    2. Get appropriate approval on the news release
    3. Distribute a finalized news release to media attendees

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