Briefing Card

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Briefing Card Template.docx
Use this template to prep a subject matter expert (SME) with relevant background information, the desired end state, a public statement, themes, command messages and talking points.

Check with your unit to ensure there are no local templates that should be used instead.

Ideally, the briefing card is developed with the SME. SMEs understand the depth of detail, and through working together the communications professional can craft a briefing card that will be a valuable tool. Without collaboration with the SME or their proxies, the resultant product is less than ideal and often disregarded or minimized by SMEs.

Construct briefing cards to properly prepare SMEs for giving public statements. Use this template to make sure all of the following information is collected and written:

  • background information
  • end state
  • public statement
  • theme
  • command messages
  • talking points

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