Still and Motion Imagery Metadata Guidelines

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Ensure all of the mandatory metadata is included when submitting any VI product, including a photo, video or graphic to DVIDS

Use this checklist to ensure you have all of the required metadata for uploading any VI product to DVIDS.

  • VIRIN:   Photographers Visual Information Record Identification Number
  • Date Shot:   Date the image was captured
  • Operation/Exercise:   Name of only the formal operation or exercise (if applicable)
  • Headline (Optional):  Brief description of specific events associated with larger news story or series of images
  • Caption:   Complete with date in the caption that matches the Date Shot and VIRIN fields
  • Keywords: Words or phrases that signify the meaning or main idea of the imagery; should improve the accessibility of the imagery
    • Limit to six
    • Only include words relevant to what is in the image
    • Exclude photographer's name and location

  • Command Shown:  Geographical combatant command where the photo was taken (USINDOPACOM, USNORTHCOM, USEUCOM, USCENTCOM, USAFRICOM, USSOUTHCOM)
  • Base/Location:   City, base, ship, installation or other specific location the image was captured

  • State/Province:    U.S. state or foreign province (or other subdivision) the image was captured (if applicable)
  • Country/Area:    Country, area or major body of water where the image was captured

  • Release Instructions/Information:    "Released" or "For Official Use Only (FOUO)"

  • Photographer (VI Professional) Rank/Name:    Rank/rate and name of the photographer

  • Photographer (VI Professional) Home Unit:    Home unit of the photographer

  • Photographer (VI Professional) Contact Information:   Photographer’s email (preferably an official .mil or .gov account) and phone number

  • Caption Editor:    Rank and name of the caption writer

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