Still and Motion Imagery Metadata Guidelines

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Use this checklist to ensure all the mandatory metadata is included when submitting any of your VI products, including a photo, video or graphic to DVIDS.

Per DoD Instruction 5040.02, all imagery, with associated captions and metadata, must be submitted to Defense Media Activity (DMA). DVIDS is one of the approved submission methods. To learn more refer to How to Submit Imagery to DMA via DVIDS.

  • VIRIN: Photographers Visual Information Record Identification Number
  • Date Shot: Date the image was captured
  • Operation/Exercise: Name of only the formal operation or exercise (if applicable)
  • Headline (optional): Brief description of specific events associated with a larger news story or series of images
  • Caption: Complete with the date in the caption that matches the Date Shot and VIRIN fields
  • Keywords: Words or phrases that signify the meaning or main idea of the imagery; should improve the accessibility of the imagery
    • Limit to six
    • Only include words relevant to what is in the image
    • Exclude the photographer's name and location

  • Command Shown: Geographical combatant command where the photo was taken (USINDOPACOM, USNORTHCOM, USEUCOM, USCENTCOM, USAFRICOM, USSOUTHCOM)
  • Base/Location: City, base, ship, installation or other specific location the image was captured
  • State/Province: U.S. state or foreign province (or other subdivision) the image was captured (if applicable)
  • Country/Area: Country, area or major body of water where the image was captured
  • Release Instructions/Information: "Released" or "For Official Use Only (FOUO)"
  • Photographer (VI Professional) Information:
    • Rank/Name: Rank/rate and name of the photographer
    • Home Unit: Home unit of the photographer
    • Contact Information: Photographer’s email (preferably an official .mil or .gov account) and phone number

  • Caption Editor: Rank and name of the caption writer

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