Still and Motion Imagery Captioning Quality Check

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Use this checklist to ensure imagery has all the required caption information.

Still and motion imagery require clear and concise captions and accurate metadata to provide an accurate historical record in accordance with DoDI 5040.02 . Use this checklist to ensure your captions are well-written, informative and useful in accordance with the DoD Visual Information Style Guide

  • First sentence contains who or what the image is of

    • Service, rank, first and last name, title and military unit is provided for all featured person(s)
    • Lists units from smallest to largest, if applicable
    • Does not identify people in background
    • Provides the equipment name and model, name and ship hull number or name of aircraft or vehicle and type of object (e.g. aircraft, ship, etc.) if subject is an object

  • First sentence contains what action is captured by the image (what)
  • First sentence contains when the image is taken (when)

    • Uses month day, year format (e.g. Aug. 11, 2020)
    • Does not include "on" before the date
    • Does not include day of the week
    • Does not use datelines
    • Spells out months March through July and abbreviates August through February 
    • If writing just a month and year with no day, spells out month (e.g. February 2020)
    • Provides the time image was captured, if pertinent

  • First sentence contains the geographic location (where) including the name of the base, facility or organization, if applicable

    • Gives a region or general area if no city is provided
    • Provides ship name and where it is moored or underway, if applicable
    • Undisclosed locations are stated in the metadata. Try to add an identifiable geograhic region (e.g. Southwest Asia or U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility)
    • Does not use "here" or "at sea" in place of location or region

  • First sentence written in present tense and uses an active voice
  • Subsequent sentences includes background information that explain the purpose of the event, exercise or operation depicted in the image (why)
  • Subsequent sentences generally written in past tense
  • Includes significance of image
  • Includes definition of all acronyms

    • Does not use acronyms for terms used only once within the caption
    • Does not use apostrophes when using a plural acronym

  • Credits photographer

    • Service affiliation
    • Rank
    • Full name
    • Nature of any manipulation

  • Does not include jargon
  • Does not include social media symbols
  • Does not include names of minors without adult permission
  • Does not include names of U.S. citizens or service members, without written consent

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