Public Affairs Estimate

Template 3 min
Microsoft Word Document
Use this template to prepare a thorough estimate that assesses a mission from a PA perspective.

Check with your unit to ensure there are no local templates that should be used instead.

A Public Affairs Estimate assesses a specific mission from a public affairs perspective. It examins critical public affairs factors, their influence on the planning and execution of operations and their potential impact on mission success. Based on this evaluation, a PA Estimate identifies possible courses of action to support the mission. Use this template to prepare a comprehensive estimate during staff turnover that includes:

  • Mission
  • Situation and considerations
    • Media environment
    • Media presence
    • Media capabilities
    • Media content
    • Public opinion
    • Mediums available to communicate information
  • Visual Information capability
    • Personnel availability
    • Logistical situation
    • Assumptions
  • Recommendation
  • Completed by

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