During a Crisis: Daily Shift Change Actions

Checklist 2 min
Ensure a uniform, predictable and disciplined shift change by using this checklist so that the incoming team can get to work, and the outgoing team can get to bed.

If a crisis lasts over multiple days, public affairs specialists may need to make routine shift changes. Use this list to accomplish necessary actions during the shift change, which is an approximately 30-minute period of overlapping shifts. Check with your unit and leadership to verify there are no other specific, essential tasks required.

  1. Assemble team and coordinate shift change
  2. Provide briefing on each by the outgoing team:
    1. Major events during previous shift (8 or 12 hours)
    2. Significant news developments during previous shift
    3. New queries received during previous shift
    4. Status of outstanding queries still in work
    5. Tasks, due-outs or RFIs (Requests for Information) from commander or other staff elements
    6. Any personnel actions (movements, assignments, illness, etc.)
  3. Brief by exception, e.g., only those facts that represent a variation from the norm by outgoing shift leader
  4. Provide final comments by outgoing shift leader

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