Crisis Management Team Roles & Tasks

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Before a crisis occurs, use this checklist to assign crisis management team roles and ensure all team members are properly trained should they ever be needed.

In the chaos of a crisis, it's easy to forget essential duties. All team roles should be assigned ahead of time with backup personnel identified. Team members must be trained in their role(s) and cross-trained in other roles to eliminate structure collapse if some members are absent. The team must be prepared to fill roles to cover 24-hour operations (8- or 12-hour shift) until the crisis transitions to a more sustainable, less demanding battle rhythm. Even during a crisis, there will need to be enough people to cover routine, non-crisis events and activities.

Below is a general list of tasks and roles for the Public Affairs Crisis Management Team. Check with your unit to verify there are no other specific essential duties required.

  • Leader:
  • Mission Partner Support:
  • Community Engagement:
    • Informs key stakeholders throughout crisis
    • Handles and disseminates approved messages
  • Media Operations:
    • Engages and interfaces with the media
    • Responds to questions from the media
    • Facilitates interviews
    • Handles and disseminates approved messages
    • Runs the Media Operation Center (MOC) or Joint Information Center (JIC), when applicable
  • Command Information:
    • Coordinates the information with established processes
    • Crafts messages for all relevant social media platforms, websites, newsletters, etc.
    • Responds to any internal or community questions
    • Handles and disseminates approved messages
  • Spokesperson:
    • Speaks to the media or social media channels on behalf of the unit or agency
    • Trains spokespersons from outside of PA to engage with media or the community
  • Documentation:
    • Captures all required imagery and video

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