Social Media Strategy Quality Check

Checklist 2 min
Ensure your social media strategy is complete, up-to-date and ready to address all questions and social media scenarios.

Use this checklist to validate a social media strategy any time one is created or modified.

  • Strategy has been reviewed by others in the unit for input and support
  • Strategy focuses on the big picture
    • Includes platform agnostic guidelines that are applicable even when social media platforms change/update
    • Encourages the use of social media for better implementation of goals and policies on communication, content and platform uses
  • Clearly states the goals of the social media strategy and overall social media presence
    • Identifies the purpose for being on social media
    • Incorporates commander's intent
  • Identifies social networks where a presence will be maintained
    • Identifies the goal for each platform
    • Outlines the information that can be shared on each platform
    • Identifies frequency posts should occur
    • Establishes the social voice and tone for each platform
    • Identifies which metrics will be tracked and how frequently evaluation will occur
    • Identifies person(s) and/or position(s) responsible for posting on each platform
    • Identifies additional people or positions authorized to post across regions and teams
  • Establishes process of monitoring conversations about the unit across platforms
    • Identifies person(s) or position(s) responsible for monitoring conversations for each platform
    • Identifies person or position any conversations of concern will be reported to
    • Establishes frequency monitoring will occur
  • Establishes a plan for responding to individuals who communicate with the unit via social media
    • Identifies what does or does not warrant a response
    • Establishes what kind of response, if any
    • Identifies who will respond based on the type or subject of conversation
  • Defines what constitutes a social media issue for each network
    • Identifies what is categorized as an issue situation on social media
    • Establishes plan and process for handling "crisis" and "issue" posts
  • Defines the safety and operational security concerns for each platform
    • Addresses how to avoid these
    • Outlines process for handling any developed concerns
    • Identifies person or position concerns will be reported to
  • Identifies process for updating and reinforcing the policy
    • Identifies person(s) and/or the position(s) responsible for maintaining the strategy
    • Identifies how often the strategy will be reviewed
    • Describes the review process for any policy updates
  • Establishes policies for unit members on personal social media accounts

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