Build Your Brand–Build Your Following

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Dig into these resources to help solidify your brand and increase your reach.

A unit's brand is the combined components of its character that make the unit identifiable. People recognize a brand from its look, tone and feel. Although most people immediately think of selling a product when they hear "brand," it's not just an industry term.

Defining your brand means understanding:

  • What your organization stands for
  • Who your followers are
  • The personality your brand conveys
  • The benefits you offer
  • What sets your platform apart from others
  • The goals you set for your platform
  • Your analytics and how they should inform your content going forward

Being knowledgeable about–and comfortable with using–your brand will help you quickly create high-performing content and build a strong community. Your brand should be concise but dynamic to remain relevant and relatable to your audience.

The United States Department of Defense is one of the most easily recognized brands worldwide. Dig into this brand and shape your own to distinguish your organization from all others and make it relatable to your audience. Create the recipe for your own secret sauce that will build a binge-worthy brand and garner a robust following by reviewing the resources below.

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