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Visual information team members need to be on the same page regarding branding. Ensuring the correct branding criteria are appropriately documented and implemented on all possible touchpoints is only possible with a visual branding guide.

Check with your unit to ensure there are no local templates that should be used instead.

Use this branding guide template and its examples to standardize your design team's outputs. Even as team members change over time, you can retain design standards efficiently in the long term.

Branding builds awareness and helps keep key publics informed. This template standardizes the attributes that make up your brand's unique look, which will, in turn, impact your intended audience's reactions and choices.

Use this template to accurately document and implement:

  • Basic Elements
  • Brand Mark
  • Clear Space
  • Colors / Web Colors
  • Logo
  • Size
  • Typography

Sections such as Introduction, What's New and Common Mistakes provide additional context and address common errors, making the process smoother.

Once complete, ensure your team or anyone using your brand can easily access the document. With your new visual branding guide, your VI team will be able to easily create brand-compliant products so they can focus on using their creative genius to drive messages home.

For service-specific guides, you can reference:


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