Illustrator Tutorials: Pen Tool Beginner's Guide

Article 15 min
Watch Made by Mighty's video to learn more about the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator.

This video demonstrates how the pen tool is used to create vector-based graphic designs in Adobe Illustrator. It is divided into five parts covering geometric shapes, B├ęzier curves, breaking paths, complex shapes and lettering.

Creating vector-based graphics is an essential skill for all mass communicators. Your ability to successfully apply the principles of design to vector graphics will make you an asset to your unit and your service. The uses for vector art go far beyond a website or the lower third on a video. You can create original logos that may be used on coins, shirts, patches and business cards and for laser engraving on wood and glass. Vector graphics are vital to each services' branding strategy because images can be printed and reproduced without losing image quality.


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