Explore Colors with the Adobe Color Tool

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Knowing how to use color effectively in design is essential to communicating your message. In essence, the colors you choose need to convey the message your customer wants or the mission requires you to communicate.

Color is one of the most powerful elements in a layout. Color theory is a set of rules and guidelines to help you create harmonious and dynamic layouts and designs. Having a firm understanding of color theory is the first step in using color effectively in your digital designs.

Adobe product screen shot reprinted with permission from Adobe Inc. Photo by DINFOS PAVILION Team
Screenshot of the online tool Adobe Color.
Adobe product screen shot reprinted with permission from Adobe Inc.
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Adobe Color is an online tool you can use to explore and use color in a whole new way. You can use Adobe Color to:

  • visualize color processes and create visual effects using specific color combinations
  • make color choices that bring your design ideas to life
  • practice color mixing and create color palettes with the online color wheel that you can use in your designs
  • edit themes with color rules
  • explore themes from the Adobe Color community
  • create your own themes to use in Illustrator and Photoshop

To start your color journey:

  1. Visit the Adobe Color Tool website.
  2. Create a color theme by choosing a harmony rule.
  3. Drag the color wheel markers to change the swatch colors.

For more advanced instructions and answers to frequently asked questions, visit Adobe Color Help.

Before You Begin!

Before you start any graphic design project, make sure to verify colors you are required to use from the The Institute of Heraldry color palette, which mandates specific military service and/or unit colors. If your design does include required colors, such as colors from a military seal, Adobe Color can help you choose complementary colors for your product.