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Use this template to help plan the logistics, goals, key discussion points, participant biographies, show notes and any needed resources for recording a podcast that tells a meaningful story.

It's been said, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." This certainly holds true with planning a podcast.

Failure to effectively plan could mean that your podcast will lack structure and sound like incoherent rambling. It's important to create a plan, from the intro through the closing remarks, so that you maximize audience engagement, increase channel subscribers and deliver the highest quality podcast you can.

This template breaks your episode planning into two separate pages.

  • The first page is for planning resources and guest biographies.
  • The second page is intended to be printed as a one-page planner and guide with concise episode details.

Refer to these checklists: Guide to Podcast Pre-Production, Guide to Podcast Production and Guide to Podcast Post-Production to help direct you through each step of the process.

This will allow your audience to follow a coherent story from the time they push play to the time they hear the last word spoken.


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