Guide to Podcast Pre-Production

Checklist 1 min
Use this checklist to research, plan and prepare for recording a podcast.

Once you've used the Podcast Episode Planner Template to determine the podcast's format, purpose and objectives, follow this checklist to prepare for recording.

Note: Any software that is used must be approved by DMA.

  • Research and plan the podcast
    • Gather articles, reports, bios and media on the subject/topic
    • Prepare interview questions or determine conversation flow
    • Write a script/outline if multiple sources will be used
  • Identify the recording location
    • Choose a location that allows the most control over the environment (studio is best)
    • Conduct an on-location scouting/site survey (if necessary)
  • Schedule the date, time and location of the recording
    • Build a crew based on requirements
    • Send calendar invitations to principals, crew and advisors
  • Acquire equipment
    • Determine the best gear and equipment to use; include microphones, audio recorders, cameras, tripods, lighting (if necessary) and software/cloud services (live streaming studios like StreamYard)

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