Guide to Podcast Production

Checklist 1 min
Follow this checklist to ensure you don't miss a step when recording a podcast.

After you've researched your topic, planned out your podcast and completed all the pre-production steps, it's showtime. Use this checklist to ensure you are fully prepared for hitting record.

  • Have approved outlines, scripts or questions before you start production
  • Maintain constant contact with crew and provide regular updates
    • Determine times for setup, crew calls and show times
    • Determine attire (uniform, suit, etc.) if the podcast will include video
    • Articulate roles and responsibilities
  • Request, pull and test gear from storage (24 hours) prior to recording
    • Fill out equipment list
    • Fill out property pass if off-site
  • Brief talent and review best practices
  • Conduct sound test to ensure best microphone and talent placement
  • Determine audio settings (MP3 or WAV)
  • Practice good media management throughout production
    • Label all media by location, date and subject
    • Save and backup media on server
  • Conduct a hot wash and review audio/footage after recording

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