Achieving Good Lighting Outside the Studio

Case Study 5 min
In this video, SPC Shepard discusses a call with POTUS regarding the COVID-19 FEMA response. Beyond the discussion of the interview, the video showcases how to achieve excellent lighting outside of a studio. 

What makes this an example of good lighting?

Lighting can create mood, drive emotion, establish height or direct your attention. In this setting, the industrial overhead and environmental lighting is blurred out through good use of depth of field. The subject, SPC Shepard, is well lit with good and even lighting balance, without harsh shadows.

What could have been done better?

Using a backlight could have helped separate the subject from the background;a second camera could have mitigated the jump cuts between sound bites.

Lessons to be learned

Good lighting can be achieved outside of a studio!

Even in the field, good lighting can mean anything from bringing out your entire lighting kit to making sure you have complete lighting, or just bringing out a few key pieces. If you already have good natural lighting, you might only need a reflector to bounce some of the natural light as a fill light in order to fill in the shadows. Use the site survey checklist and scout the location before an event to evaluate the lighting. Use the pieces needed from the light kit to make sure the subject is appropriately lit.

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