Build an Interview Mission Plan

Template 2 min
Microsoft Word Document
Scope out and organize all the information for an outside media source interview using this template.

Check with your unit to ensure there are no local templates that should be used instead.

When preparing for an interview with an outside media source, the better informed the spokesperson, the better the interview results. With preparation, you or the person you are coaching are more confident and comfortable and better able to deliver a message to those who count the most—the audience. To get started, first develop a “mission plan” for the interview that includes:

  • identifying the communication goal and audience.
  • building the message by listing sounds bites of key information first.
  • describing any current issues and hurdles to the message.
  • background information on the reporter, media outlet and publication medium.
  • anticipating reporter questions based on what the audience will want to know and what the audience needs to know.

Always remember to prepare a briefing card to use in combination with the mission plan for the best results.


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