Social Media Coordination Tracker

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Use this template to coordinate social media with upper echelon accounts for mutually beneficial visibility.

Check with your unit to ensure there are no local templates that should be used instead.

Rather than relying on tagging other organizations and hoping they interact with the content, be proactive in planning and coordinating social media.

For example, JTF-Bravo publishes content on their social media accounts relevant to USSOUTHCOM, US Army, US Air Force, US Navy and other organizations. They cannot task those organizations to publish/amplify the content.

By collecting content from and coordinating with higher echelons, JTF-Bravo is able to lead from the field and create relevant content for organizations who otherwise may not see their social media posts unless by happenstance.

Information to coordinate includes:

  • Social media handle or account name
  • Coordination/Contact information
  • Relevant themes to highlight in the post
  • Links to existing multi-media imagery or videos

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