OPLAN Appendix 10 to Annex C

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PAVILION Appendix 10 to Annex C Template 202302.docx
Appendix 10 to Annex C provides guidance for theater management of combat camera COMCAM imagery acquisition, collection, processing and distribution to support the combatant commander's strategic concept.

Check with your unit to ensure there are no local templates that should be used instead.

After you receive the Operations Order (OPORD)/Operations Plan (OPLAN), read through the document carefully. As the COMCAM lead, it's up to you to provide COMCAM specifics to your organization and teammates in Appendix 10 to Annex C. Use this template to capture and include this mission-critical information:

  • References
    • Regulations
    • Required Maps and Charts
    • Other Relevant Documents
  • Time Zone
  • Situation
    • Friendly Forces
    • Attachments and Detachments
    • Enemy Forces
    • Assumptions
  • Mission
  • Execution
    • Concept of Operation
    • Tasks
    • Coordinating Instructions
  • Service Support
    • Administration
    • Logistics
  • Command and Signal
  • Acknowledge Receipt

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