COMCAM Pre-Deployment Guide

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Ensure you're deployment-ready by following this checklist of tasks to complete.

Nearly every service member has been there: packing for deployment. The socks and gear are strewn about while incomplete last-minute tasks tumble through their mind. Forgotten details like an outdated will, running low on a prescription or not having a plan for forwarding mail can compound the stress of an upcoming deployment.

Use this checklist to help alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with deployments.

  • Update personal and family wills
  • Update Power of Attorney (POA) as needed
  • Update and deploy with ID card, personal passport, official passport and visas
  • Update Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) information concerning TRICARE for family members
  • Update DD Form 93 (Record of Emergency Data)
  • Update VA Form SGLV 8286S (Service Member’s Group Life Insurance)
  • Conduct medical, dental, vision and lab screening/briefings to include DD Form 2795 (Pre-Deployment Health Assessment Questionnaire)
    • Draw 30-day supply of medication; some medication can be drawn up to 180 days out
    • Coordinate plans with doctors or POC for resupply at major Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) during deployment
    • If you have pre-existing conditions, including behavioral health conditions, prepare an outline of the condition to provide doctors if the condition develops downrange
  • Complete or update DD Form 2766C (Vaccine Administration Record)
  • Set up appointments to store personal property and personal vehicle, as necessary
  • Begin the process to close out barracks or housing and forward mail/bills, as necessary
  • Conduct Family Readiness Group (FRG) briefs/training, deployment counseling and Family Care Plans
    • Ensure unit has family POC information
    • Attend a brief on additional financial/tax benefits
  • Update personnel record with all awards, evaluations, training and professional military education
  • Qualify on all assigned weapon systems
  • Pass service-specific physical fitness test
  • Schedule travel itinerary (include excess baggage authorization), equipment shipping, customs/hazardous cargo inspections
  • Conduct body armor, NBC mask and specialized deployment equipment issue check
  • Update and deploy with copies of hand receipts and Central Issue Facility (CIF) records
  • Complete Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP)
  • Conduct command climate survey and unit risk inventory analysis
  • Complete required annual information assurance training to expedite in-theater access
  • Conduct pre-combat checks and inspections of:
    • Camera
    • Lens with case and cleaning equipment
    • Computer with software (bring a back-up image of the hard drive)
    • Internal and external hard drives
    • Batteries
    • Extra cables
    • Memory cards

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