Capture Imagery in Various Operational Environments

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Use these checklists to prepare for any operation, such as aerial, convoy, low light or shipboard.

Visual documentation of the operational environment can directly affect how a commander plans, organizes and conducts operations. As a COMCAM and expeditionary specialist, you must be prepared to meet the commander’s expectations regardless of the type of mission or environment. Proper planning before the operation is critical to your success.

Regardless of where you are sent, you must keep these three planning aspects in mind.

  1. Identify the imagery requirements to meet the commander’s intent. Determine if the imagery needs to be still, video or both. Identify anything the commander does not want to be documented.
  2. Check if the imagery is time-sensitive and to what degree. Commanders may require near-real-time images during missions or operations. Providing timely, accurate imagery is essential to informed decision making.
  3. Implement effective time management habits. Good time management is essential to completing all phases of a mission. In post-production, you may not have access to a full production studio, but you will still be required to edit, caption and transmit your imagery on time. You may be completing post-production tasks while others in your squad are resting or performing other duties.

Use these resources to help make sure you are able to meet the commander's intent and be a team asset, regardless of the mission or the environment.

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