Podcast Idea Analysis Worksheet

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Before jumping into creating a podcast or beginning work on a podcast episode, make sure there is a market for your concept. Analyze current podcasts for inspiration, but also identify the audience and evaluate their enthusiasm towards a podcast. That will help determine how much marketing will be required to engage the audience.

Use this template to help guide your research and track whether or not you should pursue your idea.

Prior to compiling a list of potential topic ideas, you must know to whom you will be speaking. For each of your topic ideas, perform an Audience Analysis.

After that's complete, get a handle on what has already been done by doing a Market Analysis. When performing market analysis research, perform a search of your topic idea on websites such as Listen Notes, YouTube, Apple Podcasts application and DVIDS Podcasts.

If your idea seems valuable, add it to your Podcast Editorial Calendar. Modify this template to better suit your research process and needs.

Tip! If you are having trouble coming up with ideas to vet, consider these tools to help bolster your creativity:


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