Podcast Editorial Calendar

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PAVILION Podcast Editorial Calendar 20220525.xlsx
Customize this template to track your podcast episodes through the various stages from development to launch.

One of the best ways to build and keep a podcast audience is to stay consistent with your episodes. Creating and following a podcast editorial calendar will help you maintain a big-picture view of your production schedule. An editorial calendar lets you see at a glance what's coming, what has already been recorded, what still needs to be done and who is responsible for each step.

For each season's episode, the template helps plan, capture and track:

  • Episode details and topic information
  • Episode status (e.g., Idea, Invited, Scheduled, Recorded, Edited, Released)
  • Release date and total run time
  • File information
    • DVIDS link
    • Cover art
    • Transcript
  • Promotional details
    • Platform(s)
    • Social media handles
    • Tags

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