Media Query Tracker

Template 1 min
Microsoft Excel Document
Use this template to log, organize and analyze media queries to communicate to leadership.

Check with your unit to ensure there are no local templates that should be used instead.

All media queries should be tracked media query for internal organization and data analysis. The information in this template can aid in faster response to repeated queries and can be analyzed for trends and compiled into graphs to enhance the commander’s understanding of public affairs’ impacts and effects.

Use this spreadsheet to log:

  • Status
  • Date/Time Received
  • Organization
  • Type of Organization
  • Subject
  • Location of Form
  • Reporter
  • Deadline
  • Received By
  • Coordination
  • Response By
  • Date/Time Responded
  • Time Required

Recording the total time from receiving the query to the final response is a helpful data point for evaluating a team's efficiency. Use the analysis tab to evaluate average team response times and see the types of organizations (local, national, international) that request information and the subjects they're asking about. Be sure to delete all of the instructions and examples before actively using the log.


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