Social Media Audit

Template 1 min
Microsoft Excel Document
PAVILION Social Media Audit Template 202308.xlsx
Use this template to track and determine the effectiveness of your social media channels. 

Check with your unit to ensure there are no local templates that should be used instead.

A social media audit is critical to determine whether or not your social media channels are performing as expected. An audit will help you identify impostor accounts, outdated profiles, policy violations and new opportunities to grow and engage your audience.

Use this template to track and maintain your unit's social media account information, including:

  • Registered social media accounts, account owners, authorized users, profile information and status
  • Each account's objective, performance reports and policy violations
  • Platforms without accounts and why
  • Unauthorized accounts

While you are conducting your audit, it's also a good time to compose or refresh your Unique Value Propositions.


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