Awards and Presentation Photo Shoot Guide

Checklist 1 min
Follow these guidelines to prepare for an award ceremony or presentation photo shoot.

Use this checklist to ensure you're prepared to capture an award ceremony or presentation effectively and efficiently. 

  • Conduct a site survey before and at the same time of day as the event to evaluate light, background  and possible subject positioning.
  • Attend rehearsals. This will help you plan your shots and help you be in the correct location to capture the shots.
  • Reach out to the point of contact a day before to verify the event details and ask for program, if available.
  • Verify all equipment is working properly ahead of time.
  • Arrive to the event 15 minutes early to set-up all equipment and make adjustments as needed before the event starts. 
  • Present a professional appearance in the proper uniform and be inspection ready.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and eliminate any distractions.
  • Use bounce flash whenever possible.