11 Mouth Exercises for Clear Speech

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Learn the articulation exercises actors use to speak with a clear and crisp voice.

Improving your pronunciation and spoken English is more than just learning theory. You can train your mouth muscles so that you can produce the sounds of English properly and be more easily understood. A robust vocabulary loses its value when words are not pronounced clearly. While everyone can benefit from the lessons in this video, it can be especially helpful if your mouth and tongue have been trained to make the sounds of a language other than English.

In this video, Benjamin Dudgeon of engVid shows viewers some of the many exercises that can be utilized to make the sounds of English clear. This includes strengthening the muscles in your face and mouth by arranging sounds into challenging word patterns. Following the lessons in this video will improve your accent and clarity, making you a better English speaker.

In addition to the mouth exercises shown in the video, you can improve your skills by reading aloud to practice speaking. Reading aloud helps you hear where you might be speaking:

  • too fast or too slow
  • with improper inflection
  • with slurred or dropped letters.

Repeating a word aloud and articulating each syllable helps train your facial muscles, improving your speech and pronunciation. Start now by using this text as your first exercise!

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