Community Engagement: Ask the Right Questions

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Sometimes, successful community engagement depends not just on PA actions, but on the questions a PA professional asks. The best questions set high expectations and engage the community without making assumptions about their knowledge and needs.

In this TEDx talk, Max Hardy details his experience working with a community to create effective solutions. Hardy argues that, instead of treating the community as a barrier, the best practice is to utilize them as an asset.

He uses this formula for success:

Great Question + Genuine Curiosity + High Expectations + Diverse Community

= Healthier Conversations & Smarter, Enduring Solutions

Hardy explains that it's not unheard of to underestimate a community with unchallenging softball questions. What works much better is challenging the community with unflinching, curious, genuine questions. More often than not, that community will rise above and beyond the challenge and suggest solutions that the PA professional might have never considered. Watch the video to learn more about how to better involve the community when making decisions that may affect them.

When tackling projects that involve a wider community, be sure to involve that community. Remember Max Hardy's formula for strong results.

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