What is Media Literacy?

Article 7 min
As a public affairs (PA) professional, you need to be aware of the media messages you and your audience encounter every day. Develop media literacy skills to inform your media products, better understand audiences and analyze messages your organization's competitors send out.

In this video, Natalie from the Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC) provides multiple definitions of media literacy. She breaks down the process, from encountering media and decoding the messages to applying those skills to the media you create. Watch this video to learn about media literacy in depth.

All media, including what you create, intends to communicate something. You might encounter messages daily on social media, blogs and videos, so messages in advertisements and push notifications are easy to dismiss without stopping to think about their implications.

As a PA professional, you must understand and think critically about the media with which you interact. Having media literacy skills can help you navigate information and be a smarter listener and communicator. Your media skills will help align your message to your audience in a way that best achieves the commander's intent.

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