Blank Slate: Pros & Cons of Using a DSLR for Video

Article 5 min
Watch the 3rd Audiovisual Squadron's video to learn the pros and cons of shooting video with a camera capable of capturing both still and video imagery. 

This episode from the Blank Slate video series focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of using a DSLR to shoot video. The 3rd Audiovisual Squadron illustrates the following factors, as well as shutter speed:


  • Price
  • Size
  • Easy to carry
  • Detachable lenses
  • More creative choices
  • More flexibility for composition
  • Large sensors
  • Compressed codec keeps video files small for faster upload time


  • Audio
  • Poor preamplifiers
  • More noise
  • Lower quality of the recording
  • Limited codec
  • Small files can bog down slower machines during editing
  • Limited information for color correcting
  • Shorter record time

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