Promote with Meaning

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The Marine Corps launched a social media campaign in honor of the centennial anniversary of women in the ranks. On August 9, 2018, they posted the video to Facebook to recruit participants for a virtual run they were hosting to commemorate the event. 

"Defy Can't" highlights women in the Marines with a clear message while promoting a community and historical event. The video focuses on a female Marine running towards the camera. As she gets closer, the female narrator is listing stereotypical jobs and tasks that women have been repeatedly told they can't do. The narrator recalls the first female Marine, Opha May Johnson, and her refusal to hear the word "can't." The narrator reminds us that Johnson and countless others shouted back, "Watch me!" The video ends with the Marine picking up her pace, and "Defy Can't" appearing on the screen.

Lessons Learned

Along with the video, they include a hashtag, #centennialrun, and an attention-grabbing title, "Defy Can't." As the video builds audience excitement, the caption provides an outlet for that excitement by promoting their event. The video is relative to their event, creating meaning for viewers and more excitement than merely asking people to sign up. The video is shared across platforms, garnering 156,908 views on Instagram, 154,000 views on Facebook, and 5,750 on YouTube. These efforts yielded more than 700 additional registrations for the event as compared to the previous year.

Using an engaging and emotive video with an easy hashtag and a compelling title will immediately grab your audience's attention. Use the video or image to build excitement and draw them in. Don't ask them or lecture them into taking your desired action; make them want to do it. Like all posts, promotions for any campaign must be done strategically so they are seen instead of glazed over.

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